Additional News

If you haven’t seen it yet, has a new design. Check it out and let me know your thoughts please. Thank you to AvenueHq for their assistance in the fresh new look for the website.
One helpful item at the footer of the website is my new mobile property search app – download or share the link here –

If you haven’t seen my promotional video – “Conceive, Believe, Achieve!!!” please check it out on my website and feel free to share. Thank you to Ryan Ouwehand (Go2 Venture Partners) and Alex Martin for their expertise & guidance in production.

To my past clients & referral sources – I would greatly appreciate it if you have a moment to rate my services on Google, Facebook & other online sources such as Yelp. Here’s where to find review links –

Congratulations to my clients on their recent sales &/or purchase (see below for details).  I sincerely appreciate your trust & business!!

Wishing you all a great summer. Thank you again for your continued referrals 🙂